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Milton Parochial Primary School

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Governance in PDET

The Trust Board

The Board of Directors is the overall governance body and is accountable for the Trust.

For further details of our Trust's governance structure see: PDET's Governance Structure 

For the Trust’s memorandum and articles of association, annual accounts, annual report and funding agreement see:  Financial Information 

Our school's Supplemental Funding Agreement can be found here: Milton Supplemental Funding Agreement

Role of the Academy Governance Committee (AGC) 

Local governing bodies, who are called Academy Governance Committees (AGCs) in our Trust, are committees to which the Directors have chosen to delegate some specific responsibilities. AGCs engage with their local community and carry out the following very valuable role.

There are 2 key elements to the role of AGCs:

Vision and Values:

  • Help the academy set and review their local, contextual vision and values, aligned with the Trust’s vision.
  • Monitor and support the academy to ensure the vision is being ‘lived out’ in every aspect of academy life.
  • Preserve and further develop relationships with the community, and in particular with the church, in line with the academy’s and Trust’s vision and values. 

Delegated functions:

  • Carry out functions which have been specifically delegated to them as formal committees of the Board. 

For the Trust’s Board Remit and Scheme of Delegation, see: Scheme of Delegation 


The Chair of our AGC is Mr Gary Skilton who can be contacted via g.skilton@milton.pdet.org.uk 

Name Role Date of appointment Date stepped down
(where applicable)
Gary Skilton



Nicola James Church 21/04/2021
Denise Bates Church 10/07/2023
Katy Treharne Community 10/07/2023
Philip Wood Parent (Elected) 04/03/2021
Emma Walker Parent (Elected) 13/01/2022
Jessica Arnold Staff (Elected) 01/10/2021
Rebecca Osborne Ex-Officio 01/09/2019


AGC records

AGC Attendance Register

Pecuniary & Business Interests Register



Interested in joining our AGC?

If you are interested in becoming a governor, please contact the school for further information. An application form is available on our Trust's website to apply to become either a Community or Church Governor. 

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